"I really liked the projects we did. I thought hearing about the different types of engineering was really beneficial since the fields are so broad. I also thought that talking to the admissions counselor was really beneficial. I now have a better understanding of what I need to do to prepare for college and what to look for when applying."

"As much as I've enjoyed this camp (which was a lot!), I learned even more.”

"I liked the hands-on projects that we got to be creative with, but still also learned about the different types of engineering."

“Very informative but also very fun!”

“It was great to be able to use equipment that I haven't used before and to tour different labs.”

"I definitely liked the tours of the labs every day and how it showed me a lot of the things I didn't know about engineering; it was really eye opening."

“Keep the camp going because it's really great.”

“I really enjoyed the teaching style of this class. I loved the set up of projects and learning about the different fields.”

"I liked pretty much everything that we did. Touring the different labs and listening to TA presentations was extremely interesting, while the hands-on activities were extremely fun."

"I liked that we got to design and build things using the software/techniques that real engineers use."

"I loved the tours and getting to see the ins and outs of how engineering works and the different environments you can work in in college."

"This is a great program, and I'm glad that I got to take part in it."

The CMU Engineering Workshop will not be offered in 2022.